Presidential 2021

🇬🇧 Slots for presidential candidates on prime time established

Congo’s presidential hopefuls are set to each be given equal airtime to woo voters ahead of the March 21 polls.

On Tuesday, the Higher Council for Freedom of Communication (CSLC) brought together the campaign directors of the seven candidates and some media professionals among others in Brazzaville. Here the council drew names randomly under the supervision of a bailiff and presented the order of appearance of the candidates. 

Guy Brice Parfait Kolelas is slated to have the first appearance, followed by Dave Mafoula, Mathias Dzon, Anguios Nganguia Engambé, Joseph Kignoumbi Kia-Mboungou, Albert Oniangué and finally Denis Sassou Nguesso.

According to Philippe Mvouo, the president of CSLC, this move will ensure all candidates have an equal time basis during prime time. The aspirants will also be able to present their manifestos in specific programs on the election. 

Already, most of the candidates are on board, despite one of them proposing earlier on holding a political debate. The head of CSLC indicated that this exercise of confrontation of ideas would not take place as it had not been planned.

Mvouo was quick to note that the organisation will be uncompromising on the quality of the content broadcast during this election period. He stressed that they will ensure they rigorously monitor all content in order to avoid harmful communication.

Furthermore, the media has been invited to advocate pluralism and equality in the treatment of information throughout the period of the presidential election.

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